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Cooperation with various trading groups in all parts of the world enables this group to provide all types of specialized foreign trading services, including consulting services, order registration, financial transfers, clearance, etc. do it.
In order to achieve its goals and satisfy customers, Arman Tejarat Achaemenesh has been able to meet the needs of industries with the lowest cost and the fastest speed by applying the experience of experienced and specialized experts in various fields. imposed on the artisans to reduce.


Petrochemicals are chemicals and polymers derived from petroleum or natural gas. They are an important part of the chemical and polymer industries because the demand for plastic and synthetic materials is constantly growing, and on the other hand, they make a major contribution to today’s economy and society. These products are used to produce thousands of different products that people use every day.
Petrochemicals are extremely versatile and are used in a wide range of products, from food to basic chemicals, chemical intermediates (derivatives) and finally finished products including plastics, rubber, resins, synthetic fibers, adhesives, paints, materials Detergents include pesticides. In petrochemical industries, the organic chemicals produced in the largest volume are methanol, ethylene, propylene, butadiene, benzene, toluene and xylenes.
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Arman Akhamanesh Trading Company is one of the most reliable food trading companies in Iran.
This company produces, packs and supplies to the international market diverse and high-quality products, including all kinds of fruits, fruit chips, dried fruits, honey, dates, and saffron. The main pillar of product production and packaging in this food trading company is the high quality of products and competitive price, which makes this company different from other food trading companies.
Most of the company’s products are exported to European and Asian countries such as England, as well as Asian countries such as Azerbaijan and Russia
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Iran’s minerals have a wide variety and therefore our country is one of the largest producers of minerals.
All kinds of minerals in Iran are available with different qualities, which makes it possible for all industries to prepare these products according to their needs. All kinds of minerals are extracted using the highest quality and best devices.
Among the minerals that are extracted in Iran, we can mention iron ore, zinc, copper, coal, feldspar, kaolin and also silica.
These minerals are the basis of many industries and therefore their presence in the country is one of the best advantages.
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The best supplier of parts and industrial machinery for production lines and industrial factories in the world and the Middle East and has ISO 9001-2019 certification with valid licenses from the Ministry of Mining Industry and Trade
The services of Arman Akhamanesh Trading Group include consulting, placing an order for goods and obtaining a license to import goods, providing a commercial card, receiving a customs exemption from the Ministry of Commerce, performing customs clearance by the most experienced customs clearance agents and international transportation of goods until delivery to the warehouse. The buyer is guaranteed.
Arman Achaemenesh Trading has a brilliant history in the field of international trade and plays an important role in the field of imports and exports through its communication channels in the countries of Asia, Africa, and Europe. By consulting with the experts of this collection, while accessing the latest market situation, you can synchronize and coordinate with us and ask us for your business needs.
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